Sometimes the things we become or create are set in motion before we ever know. The name &Daughter comes from this idea, a love for something passed implicitly through generations.

My Irish Granny was an amazing knitter, she passed that knowledge and passion onto my father. He began his career selling the Donegal tweeds and Arans of his birthplace and made his life’s work Irish and Scottish knitwear of the highest quality. Now I am lucky enough to work with many of the makers and mills that he did. It is a legacy of time, skill and knowledge passed on and to be cherished.

There are layers of history and skill baked into our factories and mills and their own stories of legacy passed on.

Today we work with five yarns and five makers and we know them all. There is trust and mutual dependence, we share a common desire to create the best knitwear in the best way.

We are all only as good as each other. It creates a product made in the best way, from the best yarns. It is slow because it cannot be fast. And in all these ways it is sustainable. 

And from this foundation point we aim to grow and evolve best practices of doing business in a responsible way.

Buffy Reid

Repair and restart

Wool and cashmere are hairs, and just like our own hair, it is nourished, enriched, protected, strengthened by water and the washing process.