Born out of a belief in useful things beautifully made, &Daughter creates a capsule of iconic knitwear pieces. Our knitwear made in Hawick in the borders of Scotland and Donegal on the west coast of Ireland, &Daughter works with British and Irish artisan makers, using only the finest natural yarns and expert craftsmanship.

Using the traditional knitting technique of fully-fashioning, each part of an &Daughter sweater is knit individually and then hand-linked together, going through over 20 separate hand-finishing processes to create each piece.

Our story

Founded in London in 2013 by Buffy Reid and her father Columba, &Daughter seams together a journey begun 40 years ago in the hills of Donegal. Passed from father to daughter, their enduring fascination with knitwear derives from the belief that stitches tell stories.

For &Daughter, heritage is not about nostalgia but the unrivalled knowledge and skill that comes from generations of craftsmanship.

How to care

  • Turn your knit inside-out and hand-wash in warm water
  • Use a detergent specially designed for wool or cashmere
  • Never use a biological detergent
  • Keep cashmere soft by adding a small amount of hair conditioner to the water
  • Soak for 10-15 minutes, gently rub any stubborn stains
  • Rinse throughly in fresh water, squeeze out excess moisture, don’t wring or twist
  • Never tumble dry or hang whilst wet
  • Re-shape whilst damp, then air-dry flat, placed on a clean towel
  • Always fold, never hang

A footnote on pilling

Some pilling will always occur with soft yarns like cashmere. Pilling is caused during wear by the friction of the softest surface hairs rubbing together creating pills or bobbles. When a high quality yarn is used, pilling should mainly occur at the beginning when a sweater is first worn. Hand-washing and using a cashmere comb should encourage these initial surface pills to drop off.