Our mending services

&Daughter is rooted in the belief that the things we treasure only increase in value over time with the meaning and memories life imbues. A well made knit should last forever but often the things we love and wear the most can be the hardest to take care of. 

That is why we are thrilled to introduce our new mending service. In partnership with our expert Scottish makers we have created a bespoke refresh and repair service to help you keep your &Daughter jumper better than new - old and brilliant!

Choose from three tiers of service depending on your needs: RefreshRepair & refresh or Bespoke. Our Refresh service takes advantage of our Scottish makers expertise to de-bobble, wash, steam and press your knit to bring it back to its original state. Repair and Refresh offers the same service but also allows for the repair if a hole or tear has occurred. And finally our bespoke service, which is for treasured knits that may need an extra level of care and attention, where there are multiple moth holes or larger areas of damage. 

* Please note that due to the small size of our business and the time involved in the mending process, at this time our mending service is for UK-based customers only and we are currently only able to take &Daughter knitwear. 

  • Refresh service

    Sometimes the things we love and wear the most need a little extra care to stay at their best. Our refresh service restores your &Daughter knit to its original state. A meticulous care process carried out by our expert Scottish makers delicately de-bobbles your knit before it is professionally washed, steamed and pressed, bringing it back to life like new. 
    Regular price £45.00
    Regular price Sale price £45.00
  • Repair and refresh service

    Repair and refresh offers a full service of your knit. If a moth hole, tear or other damage has occurred then our expert makers will gently darn and repair your jumper. Then onto the refresh service where the jumper is carefully de-bobbled before being professionally washed, steamed and pressed. Bringing it back to life like new.

    If your knit has multiple moth holes or has more extensive areas of damage we recommend using our bespoke service to get a personalised quote for repair. 

    Regular price £55.00
    Regular price Sale price £55.00
  • Bespoke

    For knitwear that needs extra special attention. For multiple holes or tears. Please get in touch to discuss your needs and we can quote for a bespoke mending service.